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About H. Loeb Corporation

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H. Loeb Corporation has been conducting business since 1948. Family owned and operated, H. Loeb Corporation has a history of continuity and consistency, providing customers with great products and exceptional service. We started in manufacturing cutting the fabric for jewelry box liners. When that business gradually moved overseas H. Loeb pivoted to providing die cut insulation for fixture lighting manufacturers. We now cut anything that is non-metal and 2-dimensional using the latest in custom die cutting, slitting, knife cutting, routing, and laser cutting technologies. Business is not limited by geographical boundaries, providing customers with products from coast to coast and overseas. Customer service and reliability have been the cornerstones of business for H. Loeb Corporation, providing us with a substantial competitive advantage.

According to H. Loeb’s customers, the company strives to set themselves apart from their competition by providing the highest customer service and quality. As with any business, problems can occur, it is how a problem is dealt with that determines customer satisfaction. H. Loeb succeeds in doing this by responding quickly and promptly to issues, setting milestones for projects, and eliminating bottlenecks that would constantly put a hold on business activities.

2018 Marks a significant year in the history of H. Loeb Corporation as we have successfully achieved registration with ISO 9001:2015 proving our commitment to quality. Our true talent is in the team that H. Loeb has assembled to solve problems. Let us help find the right solution for your issues today.