Slitting Services

Slitting Services

We do lathe slitting with a FEBA F300 EL automatic tape slitting machine. This type of slitting service It is ideal for log slitting of single and double-sided adhesive tapes, PVC, dielectric & vinyl tapes, foam tapes, textiles & non-woven materials, protection tapes, laminates, paper and similar materials with a maximum outside log diameter of 12” and cutting widths down to 0.040” (depends on the material).

The FEBA F300 is CNC controlled which allows us to program the settings to be saved for high accuracy and repeatability from roll to roll.  Our advanced slitting services allow us to program for multiple widths without a manual adjustment enabling us to optimize roll yields and machine.

High accuracy and tolerances are maintained with self-lubrication and automatic sharpen ensuring the quality of the last cut is as good as the first. We can cut our material or yours.

Maximum Material Width


Maximum Log Diameter


Cutting Width

0.040” to 63”

Cutting Tolerance

+/- 0.005”

Blade Speed Range

0-800 RPM

Material Speed Range

0-1000 RPM

Core ID