Aerospace & Military

Aerospace & Military

Aerospace and Military Manufacturing Solutions

H. Loeb provides manufacturing solutions to the aerospace and defense industry. We manufacture a variety of products that cater to the needs of the Department of Defense (DOD), other Government Agencies and Contractors, military and commercial aircraft systems, as well as vehicles and systems.

Below are some product examples:

  • Die-cut and machine cut lightweight films and plastics.
  • EMI/RMI shielding: this is often times where lightweight films come into play although they can be manufactured with rubber.
  • Thermal management or interface materials.
  • Heat sinks: heat transfer to chips.
  • Electric insulators for military computers.
  • Gaskets: Lightweight for aerospace or for military computers in hazardous locations.
  • Shock and vibration isolators: Plastic mounts can be manufactured for specific applications.
  • Kevlar cutting: high-temperature; woven fiberglass cutting for body armor.

We work with our customers to understand their needs and are committed to providing support in all aspects of their operations through custom manufacturing services building mission-critical products.