Plastic Laser Cutting

Plastic Laser Cutting

Plastic Laser Cutting Services

At H.Loeb Corporation, our laser cutting services are ideal for individuals or businesses who are looking to cut or engrave essentially any material. By using a highly-adaptable CO2 laser, our large format laser cutting and engraving services are second to none in quality and efficiency.

Advantages of Laser Cutting Plastics

H.Loeb Corporation is proud to utilize a Multicam Magnus CO2 laser, the best-selling large-format cutting, and engraving system on the market with a history of over 25 years of engineering development. Our 450-Watt laser is extremely flexible and cost-effective, allowing us to complete projects fastidiously. The Magnus laser gives us the capability to work with very thick plastic that many other lasers cannot accommodate. Equipped with an extensive selection of operating features, it allows us to laser cut plastic or laser mark plastic for the largest size projects.

Cost-Effective Plastic Laser Cutting
With precise motions that can cut up to 600-inches per minute, laser cutting services increase savings in material costs by up to 40 percent. Lasers generally have a lower cost of operation compared to other commonly used methods, which allows the H.Loeb team to complete projects in a cost-effective way while maintaining the highest possible quality.

Precise, Efficient Plastic Cutting and Plastic Marking Services
H.Loeb Corporation’s laser cutting services offer clean, one-step operations that allow for polished edges without additional polishing or secondary operations, making projects faster to complete. Set-up time is heavily reduced with the use of a laser, and inlaid parts can be cut from the same file, saving extra steps in preparation. With efficient machine performance combined with expert engineers, we are capable of providing all variations of laser cutting projects for our customers.

Less Waste
Laser cutting with the Magnus CO2 laser allows us to optimize the yield of material, leading to less waste with virtually no debris.

Beautiful Results
Our laser cutting services are precise and intricate, leading to finer detail on a wider range of materials than compared with any other method, including routing. Non-contact cutting and engraving provide cleaner edges which have no consumable costs.

Laser Plastic Engraving Applications

Our Magnus CO2 laser is the fastest plastic laser marking machine on the market, offering the capability to process large areas of material at high speeds when equipped with engraving accessories. With results boasting a resolution equivalent to printing, we can confidently state that no other laser plastic engraving system offers a better yield or finished product.

Suitable Applications & Materials

We are proud to offer laser cutting services that work with a wide range of materials and industry applications. Please note, we do not offer laser cutting services for metal.

Plastic Laser Cutting Process

At H.Loeb Corporation, our goal is to keep collaborative workflow easy and straightforward for our customers. To familiarize you with our process, we’ve broken it down into the basic steps:

  1. DXF file. The customer will need to provide our engineers with a DXF file, whether from AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator or otherwise, for us to cut to.
  2. Choosing materials. We will need to determine that the material to be used is safe and acceptable for laser cutting. While the customer is always welcome to provide the materials they would like to use, in most cases H.Loeb Corporation will provide the material.
  3. Pricing. We will price out the prototype(s) based on size, material, and project scope, and relay this information back to the customer.
  4. Finalization. Once we have all the details necessary to proceed, we will get the material set up on our equipment, program the machine, then create the prototype(s). Once a prototype is finalized, our team will ship it out for approval then move on to production.

H.Loeb Corporation is a trusted business committed to quality and reliability. Looking to design a part or build a prototype? For any of your laser cutting needs, please contact us today to learn more or request a quote.

Eligable Applications & Materials


Textiles, Garnets & Embroidery, Composites, Glass, Acrylic, Leather, Ceramic, Melamine, Paper, Fiberglass, Corian, Fabric


Plastic Fabrication, POP/Store Fixtures, Large Format Print, Finishing, Automotive, Shoes & Footwear, Woodworking, Electronics, Packaging, Aerospace, 3D Wood Engraving