Lighting Fixture Components

Lighting FixtureH.Loeb provides converting services through die cutting, kiss cutting, CNC router and CNC laser cutting for the fabrication of solid-state and LED lighting fixture components. Fixture designs vary by OEM, however, their use and location often determine which materials are used in the lighting fixture assembly to meet performance ratings. Our engineering department can assist with material selection for your application from tapes, pads, foams, and films. Additionally, we choose the optimum production method for each component that we produce for your lighting fixture.

Fixture Materials, Designs, and Components

Lighting Fixture
  • Electrical Insulation Materials: To be effective, the material must have good dielectric strength in order to withstand the electric field without breakdown. We die-cut and kiss-cut Fish paper, Formex, Nomex, Thermovolt and other insulation materials to your requirements helping to protect your products.
  • Thermal Interface Materials (TIM): Thermal interface materials are commonly used between a heat source and a cooling system. Their primary function
    is to enhance thermal coupling and increase heat dissipation in the thermal path between components. TIM are typically made of silicone pads or foam tapes that we die-cut and package to your specifications.
  • Lighting FixtureGaskets and Electrical Enclosures: H. Loeb provides die cutting services for OEM and replacement part gaskets and slitting for gasket materials of all types.
  • WhiteOptics F16 Light Reflection: H. Loeb is the preferred material converter for White Optics®. White Optics® offers a variety of optical products that can collimate, focus and guide light so that light can be used efficiently in your lighting fixture.

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