CNC Knife Cutting

CNC Knife Cutting Services

CNC Knife Cutting Services

The Gerber M3000 is equipped with a 72 x 120 inch bed, our advanced machinery can execute a variety of CNC cutting techniques, including drag and oscillating knife, creasing and routing for both prototyping and production needs. Our equipment can cut through materials up to 2 inches thick with a maximum length of 120 inches, allowing us to produce the largest possible parts. Our CNC knife cutting is excellent for samples and prototypes of low and high volume runs. The M3000 gives us one of the most advanced and versatile digital cutting systems allowing us to cut parts as large as 72” X 120” or as small as 1/4″ X 1/4″. It is excellent for cutting printed parts due to its optical registration marker.

We can prototype parts without investing in tooling while also maintaining flexibility to make changes to parts during the design phase. This allows us to help you with your entire process from design to prototyping to production.

CNC Cutting Methods

Drag Knife, Oscillating, Creasing, Light Duty Routing

Materials Used

Adhesive Backed Materials, Chipboard, Cloth, Cork, Cross-linked Foams, Fabrics, Felt, Fiberglass, Fish Paper, Foam, Foils, Neoprene, Non-Wovens, Oriented Strand Board (OSB), Paper, Plastic, Pressure Sensitive Materials, Polyethylene Foam, Polyurethane Foam, Rubber, Silicone, Sponge Rubber, Textiles, Teflon, Urethane, Vinyl, Viton


Max- 74 in.


Max- 120 in.


Max- 2 in.


Max- 72 in.

Production Volume

Specialty Production Shop, Prototype, Low Volume, Small Run, High Volume, Large Run, Long Run, Large Scale Production Volume Run

Industries Served

Aerospace, Lighting, Commercial Laundry, Medical, Cryogenics, Military, Furnaces, Refrigeration, High Tech & Electronics, Solar, Hot Water Heaters, Textile, Industrial Equipment