OEM Washer and Dryer Parts

H. Loeb manufactures OEM washer and dryer parts for some of the most recognizable and trusted appliance companies on the market. Whether for commercial or residential laundry machines, our high-quality insulation components, gaskets, filter material, and plastic bearings are manufactured to withstand high temperatures and frequent use.

Below are some product examples:

  • High Temperatures to Sanitize: High heat resistant gaskets for washing machines
  • Keeping Heat In: We manufacture insulation components for efficient dryers.
  • Sewing Felt Belts: Felt material is used as a wear component and durable felt belts prevent metals from touching when drier tumblers are rolling.
  • Lint Baskets: Manufactured for dryer longevity and safety.
  • Plastic Components and Bearings: Key parts for both washing and drying machines.

Our engineering department can assist with design and material selection for your application. Designs vary by OEM, however, product use often determines which materials are used to meet performance ratings.