5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Die Cutting Company

Quality Control in ManufacturingA die cutting company offers manufacturing services that cut, stamp or emboss two-dimensional parts out of flat sheets of materials such as foam, rubber, cloth, fiber, foil, plastic, paper, and more. Using specific or customized dies, the process is accomplished via a cutting or stamping force that renders the material to a uniform or desired shape and size. Such products as gaskets, air filters, panels, and electronic components are produced by varying methods of die cutting, with methods ranging from flatbed and punch presses to platen presses and rotary die cutting machines.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Die Cutting Company

Those selecting a reputable die cutting company to partner with can be assured of quality, timely delivery, value, service, and meeting unique challenges by addressing 5 critical questions before beginning a relationship:

Are you receiving a quality product or service?

When looking to do business with any company, it’s important to know the quality of their products and services. Quality performance can be measured by a number of metrics, no one more important than if the company has met the criteria for ISO 9001 certification. ISO is the international standard that outlines and specifies necessary requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Companies and organizations that have achieved the ISO 9001 standard have demonstrated the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed customer service and regulatory requirements. They have implemented a practical, workable, effective, and robust QMS that ensures that products and services are of the highest quality.

Are you confident that you will have on-time delivery?

On-time delivery is another important metric when inquiring about die cutting services for your business. A die cutting company with a low on-time delivery rate certainly brings a company’s reliability into question. However, that metric alone can be misleading. A stellar on-time rating may also indicate that the company does not have that much business, which may or may not be an issue of quality as discussed above. In addition to questions about on-time delivery, ask about the company’s turn-around time for projects. Short turnaround times are indications of a fluid operation with little to no queuing time. An efficient company’s delivery performance is interrelated amongst its entire personnel—in production, customer service, shipping, etc.—with the same goals to prioritize and ensure a short turnaround and on-time delivery.

Are you being provided with the best value?

Another metric to consider when selecting a die-cutting company is in knowing that you’re receiving the best value for your dollar. A company that explores the needs and goals of a project, and utilizes cost-benefit analysis, is a company that will offer cost-effective solutions. Is the die cutting company’s rates competitive? Do they have the latest equipment and technology? In this regard, die cutting processes have greatly benefited from technological advances in machinery, tools, and equipment that today can create intricate designs or produce delicate parts with exceptional precision that keep material costs to a minimum. Companies with cutting-edge equipment can provide concentrated robust manufacturing processes and assembly capabilities that keep costs down and improve customer value.

Is the company responsive?

How a company responds to your fabrication needs, requests and questions is a good indication of how well the company will be able to perform. As a matter of customer service, a company should be offering realistic answers in response to your questions, not promising more than can be delivered. Being directed to more than one representative of the company, especially ones knowledgeable in your product requirements, speaks volumes about what to expect from their die cutting services.

Are they willing to take on challenges?

Being able to discuss your fabrication requirements with a die cutting company is another metric in considering a partnership with them. Companies offering services ranging from prototyping to full production runs show that they have the capabilities and resources to effectively take on and meet challenges. This would mean a company equipped with cutting-edge technology combined with the drive to see your innovative project through to market.