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Most Common Industries That Benefit From CNC Cutting

Airplane Engine

CNC cutting services are performed by CNC machines, an automated, computerized motion control machine used by manufacturers to produce custom-designed parts and components. Many markets rely on and benefit from CNC manufacturing applications, including the automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, and medical fields. The machines utilize multiple tools and can do the work of lathes, routers,… Read more »

What are the Factors for Material Selection in Engineering?

Custom engineering solutions rely in large part on material selection in the design and application of parts and components. In fact, the material selection process is one of the fundamentals of design and engineering. The importance of that selection process cannot be understated—it ensures the long term success of the application.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Die Cutting Company

When considering custom die cutting services for your applications and to make an informed decision, it’s important to know a company’s capabilities, experience, expertise, processes, and even certifications where applicable. Not all custom die cutting services are the same. In fact, though custom die-cutting is a fabrication process, there are different kinds of processes for… Read more »

Protect Products with Custom Foam Packaging

At H. Loeb, high quality, custom foam packaging solutions are designed to ensure safe, reliable transit of sensitive components, equipment, and products. Whether a large corporate OEM that knows what packaging is required or a single customer unsure of what packaging they may need, our engineering team with clients to determine the best layout, design… Read more »

A Guide to Product Development Prototyping

In product development, a product prototype is a necessary part of the overall manufacturing process. From the initial concept of a product to its production, prototyping plays a central role in a product’s lifecycle. Whether a preliminary model of a design to test whether it functions, or later testing models during each stage of production,… Read more »