Advantages of Plastic Laser Cutting

laser cuttingPlastic laser cutting is a versatile industrial application that utilizes a highly focused optical laser beam to cut materials into intricate shapes and designs. The technology provides clean, precise cuts and offers a range of advantages for manufacturers over traditional methods of cutting and shaping material. Operated by computer-controlled (CNC) programming, laser cutting is efficient, highly accurate, and cost-effective.

Benefits of Plastic Laser Cutting Services

High Precision and Accuracy
Laser cutting offers higher precision, quality, accuracy, and speed than traditional methods of cutting. Unlike other methods, there is no push, pull or drag force that can bend or flex the workpiece and subsequently affect its dimensional accuracy. As the laser cuts, it does not make physical contact with the material. The highly focused beam has an extremely fine control that trims to tolerances of .001” with minimal thermal output.

Because there is no physical contact with the material, intricate and unique shapes or designs are performed with precision—the laser cutting tool can be oriented to make any shape or form with near-unlimited geometry. The result is that the minimal amount of material is cut with precise, accurate, smooth-edged finishes.

Affordability and cost-effectiveness
One of the add-on benefits of being able to cut plastic material with precision and accuracy is the affordability. Plastic laser cutting is cost-effective and time-efficient. It is a programmable one-step process. There are no secondary operations required. A laser can move through material rapidly, with some projects completed in a matter of minutes. How fast will depend on several interrelated factors—the thickness of material, tolerances, design, and intricacy of the part among other considerations.

The laser cut leaves the material’s edges smoothed without additional polishing or sanding. This further decreases the time it takes to complete projects. Preparation time is also reduced with the use of a laser, as many other inlaid parts can be cut from the same file. In addition, laser cutting’s automated processes are not labor-intensive. With speed, precision, and accuracy, laser cutting reduces operating costs less than traditional methods of cutting.

Laser cutting’s versatility can be found in lower costs, automation, precision and speed. But it is also found in its versatile applications in just about any size product or project. A laser cutting machine’s versatility can also be found in its ability to perform different operations depending on how the user or operator configures their settings. Whether a prototype or an industrial run or an intricate design or larger cutouts, lasers can carry out numerous processes—holes, tabs, slots, geometric patterns—efficiently with no interruption of the cutting process.

Laser’s can also perform different functions other than cutting. CNC programming allows for beautifully designed engravings and etchings with precision and intricacy. Plastic laser cutting services provide fine detail. Noncontact cutting and engraving leave smooth, cleaned edges with no consumable costs and resolution imagery equivalent to that of printed designs.