Why Choose an ISO Certified Die Cutting Company

H. Loeb Corporation ISO CertificateAn industrial die cutting company plays an integral role in the manufacture of parts and components for countless products across a broad range of industries. As a highly specialized fabrication process, die-cutting is as much an art as it is a process. Machinery and tooling are applied to cut, form, punch, stamp, and shear stock material to produce products in large quantities of the exact size, dimension, and specification for various companies and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).

When choosing a precision die-cutting company to fulfill manufacturing needs, it will benefit your company by focusing your search on an ISO certified company. ISO certified assures that robust manufacturing processes are in place with an emphasis on optimal service, performance, efficiency, reliability, and quality geared toward improved customer value.

ISO is the International Organization of Standardization, an organization dedicated to developing and publishing consensus-based standards for numerous disciplines. It is considered the international benchmark for industry standards. The ISO 9001 standard is the most recognized Quality Management System (QMS) standard in the world. It’s based on quality management principles that help companies and organizations meet the needs of customers and stakeholders more effectively. The standard strives for continual improvement to ensure that customer satisfaction is at the core of an ISO 9001 business.

Here are five reasons why an ISO 9001 die cutting company can benefit your company:

Better Service: Reporting, Document, and Record Control
One of the main purposes of ISO 9001’s standard for quality management systems is establishing thorough record-keeping practices and supporting documentation for nearly every process related to everyday operations of a business. The importance of recordkeeping cannot be understated. A company that maintains detailed records of their operations can identify trends, patterns, and weaknesses with greater accuracy. Records provide a benchmark and reference point for how well a company is doing or, conversely, provide insight into areas that need to be improved upon. Identifying weaknesses in a business’s operations helps companies to take action quickly to improve performance and productivity throughout the organization from top to bottom.

Increased Performance
Continuous improvement is an underlying mandate in adapting ISO standards. By implementing ISO 9001 quality management systems it ensures businesses have implemented processes that are not only consistent but continuously improved upon over time. As a result, continuous improvement increases organizational performance and productivity of the company, which in turn, ensures customer satisfaction.

Reduced Waste
With a focus on systems management and continuous improvement, companies that have achieved the ISO 9001 standard have demonstrated a capacity to reduce overall errors. By any standard, errors result in waste—of time, energy, and materials. They are caused in large part by inefficient processes. Companies that embrace ISO standards have developed a culture of efficiency that reduces waste. A consequence of waste control is fewer errors, lowering associated costs, increasing performance, and providing a competitive edge resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Greater Efficiency
As a quality management system, inherent in the ISO 9001 standard is adapting processes of continuous improvement aimed at reducing inefficiencies and improving productivity. Improved productivity is a performance measure that demonstrates greater efficiency. Employees have the right tools to identify and take corrective action in addressing potential inefficiencies in real-time. Greater efficiency positively affects your company as a whole, in the production of an improved product and in assuring customer satisfaction. By design, that increased efficiency lowers the cost of operation, improves a company’s bottom line and provides competitive rates that attract more customers.

Reliable Products and Quality
Because quality is the central tenet of ISO 9001, an ISO certified company means they have adapted appropriate quality standards that have measurably improved business performance. The company has met international standards representative of a commitment to provide products or services that are reliable, safe and of excellent quality. With the primary goal of continuous improvement, the system itself is designed to detect how and why a problem arises, to identify and address the problem, and then take corrective action to operationally solve the problem to ensure reliable products of excellent quality are produced.

If you’re looking for an ISO certified die cutting company look no further. We’ll work to ensure the quality of our work as well as help our customers with quality control of their own parts and products. H. Loeb Corporation complies with regulations and is backed by our ISO certification. Contact us today to learn more!