The Difference Between CNC Cutting and Laser Cutting

CNC routers and laser cutters are popular applications that produce precision parts and components for manufacturers. The difference between a CNC router and laser cutter can be a source of confusion, as each application performs similar functions. Each tool is managed by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines utilized in precision engineering. Both are employed in… Read more »

Advantages of Plastic Laser Cutting

Plastic laser cutting is a versatile industrial application that utilizes a highly focused optical laser beam to cut materials into intricate shapes and designs. The technology provides clean, precise cuts and offers a range of advantages for manufacturers over traditional methods of cutting and shaping material. Operated by computer-controlled (CNC) programming, laser cutting is efficient,… Read more »

How Quality Control in Manufacturing Leads to Success

The role of quality control in manufacturing ensures consumer satisfaction on thousands of goods, parts, components and finished products that are produced daily. Without a high standard of quality control in place, a design flaw or malfunctioning machine may cause a defect that could lead to thousands of parts being produced before the error is… Read more »

CNC Routing: Your Questions Answered

CNC Knife Cutting

CNC routing services are among several derived from CNC machining, a manufacturing platform composed of pre-programmed computer software that manages factory tools and machinery. Short for ‘Computer Numerical Control,’ CNC machining controls a range of complex machinery including grinders, lathes, mills and routers. Easily programmed, a single set of prompts can accomplish three-dimensional cutting tasks… Read more »

What is the Die Cutting Process?

Die Cutting Equipment

In manufacturing, die cutting services are used to produce a large volume of parts of the same size and shape. A die cutting process employs specialized machines that cut parts from an assortment of web material—wood, plastic, metal, rubber, fabric, textile, foam, corrugation, vinyl, silicone, paper, foil, and much more. The die cut pieces are… Read more »